Sold To

I spend a lot of my money on nonsense. Mostly stationary. It’s never anything that I really need. Just stuff I seem to make up a need for. When I discuss this ‘impulsive purchasing’ with my friends, and it seems I am not alone. It has made me think, if this is more than simple habit. Surely if people walk around with money burning a hole in their pocket, it becomes very easy to spend.

Supermarkets have been widely known for placing products in their stores in strategic places, aiming at unaware shoppers. Sweets and popular brands at the end of isles or at shelving at eye level. Suggestions have been made that brands pay to be displayed at prime locations to influence buyers. Things catch the eye, things a person has no intentions to buy.

These tactics can be taken and used in any store. Book shops displaying cute notebooks, to attract someone into believing it has purpose. Phone shops display expensive headphones near the popular iPhones, convincing people that if you have an expensive device, you need expensive accessories.

The purchases we make, when we think about them, are ideas given to us by the companies that sell them. I wouldn’t have bought a new notebook today, if I didn’t see the new display showing them off. It made me think that I needed a new journal, although i had no intention of buying it when I set into Town. Perhaps it’s worth considering that people, like myself, are not impulsive as such, more easy influenced.

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