Quickly! Quickly!

I am a person who always seems to be running late, or struggling to get things done. This means that things can end up not as well done as I would like. It is super stressful.

The silly thing is that other than my job, I don’t fill my time with anything notable. I tend to have small brainwaves of projects that I could do at work, or in bed, when I can’t really do anything about it. So, when it comes to actually doing something I either squeeze it in to whatever time I have left when I remember it, or I just completely forget. It is very annoying, because I suffer from creative blocks, and so when I get inspired you’d think I’d do my best to grasp it with both hands.

What I need to do is to create a plan. If I think of an idea, write it on my phone or whatever. And when I get home, I can look at the ideas and hopefully create something new. Because one of the things that has stopped me blogging is that I feel I am constant repeating myself, caused by me not being so forward thinking.

That’s sometimes all that someone can do, look to make changes to be better.

2 thoughts on “Quickly! Quickly!

  1. Yeah I used to have the same problem. Having a notepad or writing things on my phone helped me harness those bursts of inspiration and reminders of things to do that came at the least perfect times. Also don’t delay in expanding on these ideas, make time for it as soon as possible, way too many awesome ideas were lost because I did not make the time to build on them. Here is an article that sorta talks about that, leaving things to do later: http://mindonex.wordpress.com/?s=stress+now&submit=Search

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