Finding Significance

I have been lost the last week or so. I am going through the cycle of eating, sleeping and watching TV, but there has been no feeling. The feeling of numbness takes over, and it’s hard to overcome this feeling of wanting to bury one’s head in the sand. Just ignore the world, and pretend that everything is okay.

In a bit, to rid myself of these thoughts, I have been walkimg. It is a good way to clear my head, and get my thoughts in some kind of order. It is also good at helping remind myself that the worold is full of beauty. Beauty that is natural and continues to grow despite what happens around it.


The image above is an example of nature. It is a cliff created when people started mining the hard rock, from what I have heard, and blasted the hillside. Because the area is so close to the sea, when the blasts got below sea level, water filled the hole. For years, the quarry was left, kids would swim in the pool, and it became a popular area with dog walkers. About 7 years ago, the local council wanted to sell the land for housing, the problem was that the pool would need to be drained.Everytime the pool was drained, the water would start to fill it again. After several attempts, they left it.  And over time, the pool has become as full as it ever was.

It made me think. People, and life, will try to challenge you and knock you off your feet. But nature has a way of making what is supposed to happen, happen. If changes occur, nature allows things to adapt and change as needed. And that if things are supposed to be a certain way, it will happen regardless of what others want.

It gave me perspective. And that although I feel like life has been taken out of my hands, it just means that I have to take a detour. The world keeps turning, and things still happen, it just means a few things have changed. Perseverance and hard work will still get me where I want to go. And that is just a part of nature.

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