28 Things I Have Achieved At 28

Since the last entry was such a downer, I felt I’d balance some things out a little.

1) I am a very individual person, who likes what they want to, no matter what those around me say.

2) On the 10th anniversary of leaving High School, I am still good friends with some people I met there.

3) I have been in employment constantly since I was 16.

4) I had two dreams when I was young, do something with animals or with art. I have attended college for both, and have learnt so much. Yes I failed exams, but the lessons I learnt there are
much more important than qualifications.

5) I read 3 books at once. Well, I go between 3 books.

6) I take time to sit and enjoy the world. The world is beautiful, and not enough people appreciate it.

7) I got over my anxiety I used to feel about things out of my control.

8) I fought through depression. And can proudly say that I no longer want to kill myself.

9) I accept the times I do feel very low, are natural and a sign that I need to give my brain something else to think about.

10) I have never intentionally hurt another person.

11) I read Lord of The Rings. After 13 years of trying. Finished it 2 weeks ago.

12) I know where I am comfortable, and wouldn’t put myself in a situation which would change that.

13)I know every word from The Lion King and Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride.

14) I have seen ALL my musical heroes in concert.

15) I successfully blow myself up in every Call of Duty game I have ever played online.

16) For how long I have had an Xbox, I have a ridiculously low gamerscore. But I realise this is because I mostly use it to watch TV and have a short attention span.

17) i have a uniform. Jeans, t-shirt and a hoodie. It has been that way for years.

18) Am the only girl in Inverkeithing (town I live in) with a Mohawk.

19) I regularly walk to and from work.

20) I am a believer that if a person wants their views to be valued, then they must value the opinions of others. No matter how ridiculous they may seem.

21) I also believe that whatever your opinion is on music, art or books, someone has created something. A person will make a connection with that ‘something’, whether it is Twilight or Beethoven, and that is a beautiful thing.

22) I don’t need money to make me happy. A Paulo Coelho book is all I want.

23) I can talk forever about nothing.

24) I can sing a thousand songs, and every note would be out of tune. But that will never stop me.

25) I frequently pretend I am texting, but I’m sending a tweet instead. (@sueriotgraphics)

27) I word vomit daily. Most people jut pretend it doesn’t happen, by ignoring it.

28) I think I am hilarious. I don’t think many people share my view.

I know these weren’t exactly achievements, but they are parts of myself that make me laugh and be grateful to be alive.

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