Organised Chaos

I have never been a tidy person. And despite the mess I seem to live in, everything has its place. I know where most things are, and I like  that, but it confuses most people, because everything looks like a disaster.

It isn’t my room that I talk about, it’s sketch books and everything where I would need to be organised. You would think, that would change as I got older, but I haven’t. I have been planning a new project, where I am going to be making my own zine, and my books and things are a total mess. I think that I can be pretty scatter brained a lot of the time, and I think that is why everything ends up everywhere. There is no folders of organisation,  just a pile of papers. But I can easily see where everything is, and it is how I work best.

I speak to a lot of creative people, and a lot of them seem to be similar in their organisation, or lack of it, to me. I think having everything you need in front of you is inspirational, and helps me get through what I need to. Maybe not so much when I am doing things which aren’t creative, but when I am thinking of ideas for my zine, I have so much crap out for me to use.  Be it magazines, books, CDs, I get my inspiration from a lot of different areas, and I like having those things out in front of me.

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