At an intersection.

Now, as an individual blogger, I have always prefered WordPress, because I find it a really easy service to use. But now, due to a collab blog I am taking part in, Blogger was the easiest service to do that task. And I am left with two blogs one here and one on blogger, which I want to keep, but don’t want to have the same things on.


And because I have posted personal things on them both, I can’t face deleting either. Which leaves me with a dilemma. Or not, I mean I could just run them both, and copy posts across if I can’t be bothered writing two posts one day. I don’t even know why I have two for the same purpose. Actually, it was because the college decided the groups on blogger were great and everyone had to join. So I started up a Riot Graphics blog over there too, and it is still there.

Know what? That blog can be there, but I am still using this as my main one. I love WordPress too much just to stop it. Blogging is my passion, leave me alone. *sulks in corner*

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