Seriously, maybe

I have a lack of understanding when it comes to being definate on something. It is not that I am a liar or anything, it is just that when it comes down to it, I hate setting something in stone. Maybe it’s because I am indecisive. I just know I am one for changing plans and ideas, and the thought of not being able to change things, kind of freaks me out.

No kidding. I have seen myself get in a panic about not having enough time to do something, and that something is rather remedial and not so important. I just irrationalise beyond the point of no return. Not something uncommon, I know. But I wish sometimes the dormant sensible side of my brain would actually do something for a change. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being impulsive and crazy sometimes, but when that is all you are, it is tiring.

That makes me sound crazy, I am not crazy. I have restraint, which is a saviour sometimes. Because speaking out of turn is one thing, but when you have such twisted opinions as I do, expressing such opinions ALWAYS ends up in bother. But, people who love me just say ‘Silly Sue, what has she said now to piss off the masses’. Seriously.

Going to change my name so it doesn’t fit with anything condescending.

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