Productivity Day

I really need to stop putting ‘write a blog’ as being on my to-do list as if it is something productive. I know that sounds harsh, but I end up writing a blog entry and doing nothing else because I feel I have achieved something. In reality I have achieved nothing, and usually just ramble nonsense for a few hundred words. But if I feel I have achieved something, and that seems to make my concentration go right out the window, and I don’t do anything else.

This is typical of me, and I do it all the time. The thing is, that recently I have found that I am going through this period of self-sacrifice, where I seem to be tripping myself up on purpose. I don’t think I’ll ever be a high achiever, sort of girl, but I would like to be able to be doing comfortably. The issue is that I am not. Sometimes, it’s like I have the idea that I will do as minimal work as necessary. Now, I do have blips, where I have focused and have been top of the class, but it seems to be short-lived.

I guess, I need to change my whole attitude to work. Which is why I have created 2 or 3 different projects to do at the same time. And I need to keep focused on those, as well as pulling my socks up at my actual work. I feel jaded, but actually functioning at a good level will hopefully help me get a little meaning back in my life. But, in the idea that things don’t get better, I am preparing. I am getting an online shop organised to sell products that I make and I am applying for jobs. I have a to-do list that I am working through, as I find that is the best way that stay focused, by breaking things down and working through a simple list.

*deep breathes*

This is a big time for me to show what I am made of. It has been a year since I left college, and nothing has really changed. And that is no-one’s fault bar my own. So I am going to take responsibility and get things going again. Wish me luck.

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