Busy Girl

I don’t ever appear to be busy, but I am right now. I have about 2 or 3 projects currently treading water in the depths of my mind. And they are all going to remain top secret.

Why make an issue about something, and then not tell anyone what it is? Well, I have a habit of having things fall away and never happen. So I figure,  that I will keep it to myself, so nobody knows what I have failed in. It’s a way of me trying to protect myself, and moreso my ideas. Because, not to be big-headed, but these ideas are pretty awesome. Well I think so anyway.

I guess everyone else is going to wait until everything is finalised enough that I can let it be known. I do feel important that I have a secret. I never got told secrets as a kid, because I guess I must look untrustworthy. Which is a nice feeling to get when you are 13.  Nothing has changed, but I think it is because I am no longer in a situation where whispering rumours in class is no longer a factor in my existance.

No. Now the whispering is done on the bus, at work or at a coffee shop. Because that is how grown up I really am. 😉

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