Was having a thought today whilst watching The Simpsons. It is an episode where Lisa falls in love with her substitute teacher, because his passion for education. So much is the urge for her to bond with someone who matches her intellectually, that she thinks of her teacher almost as a father figure.

Throughout the continuing series of The Simpsons, Lisa is mocked for her intellect, which is abnormally high for an 8 year old. It clarifies how the world in general mocks intelligence. Yes, every school child is educated to go to University, and to be clever to a certain degree. But if they ever use their intelligence in a real situation, they would be ostracised and treated like a leper by their peers.

If people think intelligence is such a laughable quality, then why do so many people go to University and College? Then again, having a formal education doesn’t necessarily make someone intelligent. Its a persons thought patterns and opinions that make them appear to be clever. An age old method of measuring intelligence is if a person can show opinion and put across reasonings for that opinion. But opinion isn’t something that seems to interest a growing number of people. Why? Because it is easier and more convenient to agree with the masses and gorge on reality TV, rather than read into things and actually have to think about things. Which is sad really.

People also try to fake being intelligent. The art school, nerd is on trend right now, with the bookish dress-sense and over-sized glasses. Books and libraries are cool and trendy. But more people pose outside on the steps of library and post the photos on their Tumblr site. Because so many hipsters believe in style over substance. It makes me sad that things that mean so much to me, are used as nothing more as a accessory to some, as they try to appear smarter than what they actually are.

I don’t know why it bothers me so much. Maybe it’s because I was mocked when I was younger because I like the library. Maybe it’s because I made up my own mind about things rather than just go with what’s said by others. This left me alone, and I found my solace in books and music. Maybe it saddens me because I take great pride in learning new things, and to know that some people just mock it is sad.

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