My Path Is Less Straight & Direct And More Squigly.

Tried to think of a more stupid blog title, and I couldn’t do it. So that means this one is pretty dumb.
As you will notice very little has been done in the land of NaNoWriMo. You WILL notice this beause I have done no updates, and so should correctly assume I am no further foward. But I’m not going to focus on what isn’t happening there, because I will just get depressed.

On other news…there is no other news really.  The most inspired I have been today is now. When I am painting my nails. *facepalm* This is becoming really so irritating. I haven’t done anything productive in anything I am supposed to be doing. Whether that be blog, write, vlogs, web design, portfolio building…well, I suck. As you probably know.

I sometimes thing I have something built-in to my personality where I will overwhelm people and do really fantastical at something, and then I just bomb. I completely lose interest. Its almost like over-kill, where I have done so much I can’t face it anymore. I think its just because I am lazy, but sometimes I do wonder. Do I act this way to keep my own self-esteem low and confidence battered. Because if you are already down, then noone can really say anything to bring you down any further.

My mind has obviously become warped over the years. I am off work tomorrow and hope actually get some progress on things. It would be nice.

Now Playing: Lamb Of God-One Gun

NaNoWriMo Wordcount: 13,787/50,000

Thought: Wonder how all my IRL pals will cope knowing I uberfangirl over things.

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