So, What Am I Doing?

Answer: Not very much.

I am watching movies, playing UFC on the Xbox, talking to people online, and doing anything accept what I am actually supposed to do.

I’ll bare you the details, because you don’t need to read my blog for very long to realise this is something that happens very frequently.


And how did I cope with my frustrations, I hear you wearily ask. Well…

Make that video helped me de-stress, which I think was something I needed. So am going to watch Mean Girls, as I force myself to write more for NaNoWriMo. Yes, that’s write. I need to force this now as I am way behind schedule and. if I still want to complete this witin the month, then I need to make myself write.

The good news is, that I am really getting into the story. again.


NaNoWriMo Wordcount: 11,136/50,000

Watching: Mean Girls


About Sue

Freelance designer, blogger, retro rebel, Nerdfighter, Ravenclaw and music enthusiast. I am trying to get myself established in the creative field as a Graphic designer. After a bit of a creative block, I am trying to be as creative as I can. This helps me find a sense of being, and has helped me become settled within myself.
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