Sue Says: Urban Art

Urban art is a newly added tag to what used to be known as street art, graffiti and the like. It is now common for the stylings to be called Urban, seeing as the style has worked its way into exhibitions and influence more traditional artists. I have been looking at a lot of this style, and I like the precision of it all.

Images, like the one above, is created by using stencils to get the desired effect. This is something that is very consuming and takes a lot of paitence and practice. One of the best practicioners of this art is, Brittish geurilla-artist, Banksy. First he was a nuisence, spray painting on walls with no warning. Banksy is annonymous, because what he does, no matter how much someone pays for it, is still an act of vandilism. So noone knows what he looks like, which for an artist is rare. He has a spokesperson who does all his dealings on his behalf.

Although Banky still deals with the same political ideals he always has, the publics reaction to him has changed. Once a scourged member of society, now he is a much loved figure in the art world. Like desipite it still being vandilism, it is accepted.

This change has lead to the graffiti style been used more regular within all branches of art. It has become attatched to music, with it being used within the punk rock and hip hop areas, which it was before, its just a lot more widespread.

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