What time is it?

Umm…I was going to go an plan this big intellectual blog, but realised I have to get ready soon for work. -.-

So, I am running around like an idiot. Been trying to get some sketchbook work done, but never got very far. I have been having issues sleeping, so I have no energy for anything.  And that’s about it.

So, in lack of anything better to say, have some vidjeos. First one is Good Charlotte (feat Harlow) being all nice and happy. *still peeved that ‘everywhere’ does not include UK or Ireland, cheers guys, really*

Also, jQuatchi (one of my fave vlog channels) is 1 years old today. So we have Yan and Jon baking cakes. *Note- Jon replied to me on twitter and I screamed in pure joy. I am THAT kinda person*

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