Music Recomendation: Dip Dap

Dip Dap are a punk band, which hail from Glasgow. They have played many gigs throughout the last few years, and they are a popular sight in the Glasgow/Edinburgh punk scene. Following the punk ideals, this band produce and sell their own albums and merch. They are constantly looking for gigs.

The current band line up, features Jen on guitar/vocals, Kipper-man on bass and Budgie on drums.

Dip Dap take influences from bands such as: Astrid Oto, Blatz, Tilt, Nirvana, Operation Ivy, Crimpshrine, Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, Fifteen and The Gr’ups.

visit the band at for more information including booking details.

I met Budgie and Jen in 2008 when we were queueing for the Eastpak Antidote Tour. I was first in line, and they came after. I have since met them at a few more gigs, including their own at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow. Very nice guys, and the amount of work they do, they really deserve this band to do well.

Free Dip Dap downloads
Dip Dap – What To Do
Dip Dap – Cheap Ass Beer
Dip Dap – Repeat
Dip Dap – Fool To Think

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