Me and My Blackberry

A few weeks ago, I got a new phone, seeing as my poor old Nokia had gone on strike due the neglect it received. Poor thing.

So when thinking of a new phone, I decided I needed something which would enable to answer emails and so things, such as blog, when I am on the move. Yes, you read that right. I blog a lot, so it is a relief to me that I can do it easily from my phone. So, I was advised that maybe I should get a Blackberry, as they are ace at things like that.

So a few weeks ago, I renewed my contract and got a Blackberry Bold 9700. I thought I would leave it a few weeks before I posted a proper verdict on the phone. And after a few weeks, I need to say that I am shocked at how well the phone fits into my life. I can now see why people say that smartphones are the future of people surfing online and things.

The first that concerned me, was the QWERTY keypad, as I initially thought it might be a bit small. But due to each key been angled in such a way so that all the keys are reachable, it is a practical size.

It does everything else just as well as any other phone, such as texting and calling. The apps available for the phone have been really good quality, and again very easy to use. The only app I had an issue was OpenBeak, which refused to upload tweets 75% of the time. I then switched to UberTwitter, which is flawless. The only other app which I was disappointed in, was the LiveJournal one, which takes you to the LJ mobile page, which sometimes just refuses to post entries. I am hoping someone comes up with a good one soon.

I got the phone on a 24 month contract with O2, for £25 with unlimited texts and 300 minutes. You seem to get more for your money, than what you used to.

Overall, I am very happy with O2 and RIM for giving me such a brilliant phone at this awesome tariff.

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