Wakey wakey

I am up early today. Makes a nice change, to me missing the whole morning to being asleep šŸ˜›
The main reason I was awake so early, was because a butterfly was flying up against my bedroom window. I have no idea how it managed to get stuck inside my room, and why the first time I noticed it was at 6.30 in the morning. I just opened the window and let it out, cause I remember that you aren’t supposed to pick them up, cause the ‘dust’ comes off their wings, and apparently it can cause issues with them being able to fly. Actually, the dust on their wings is tiny little scales used as protection, so predators can’t grab a hold of them.

<strong>A butterfly like the one that was in my room</strong>

Another reason I am awake, is possibly because I am eventually getting a new mobile today. Something which I have needed since I dropped my Nokia in a pint of juice a few months ago. The poor phone is like completely dying, it can’t even hold on to a call, it keeps cutting people off. Considering I think I drowned it, the fact that it is still working at all is some kind of miracle. Anyways, due to my need to access my emails when I am at work at Sky, but not being able to access them through the work pc, I am thinking about getting a Blackberry. We’ll see what happens when I go to the shop.

<strong>Blackberry Bold 9700</strong>

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