Music Recommendation: The Guilty Pleasures

The Guilty Pleasures are a punk band from Lancaster, England. They are influenced by bands such as Anti-Flag, Bad Religion and The Unseen. This band first came to my attention in 2008, when I heard of them through Rebellion Festival, which is an annual punk festival in Blackpool, England. Around about this time, word started to spread that these guys were fantastic live, and they were spotted in national magazines such as Big Cheese.

They began to get a lot of press when the recently received a KKKK review from Kerrang! magazine, currently the only alternative Rock weekly magazine in the UK. The also made an appearance on the Radio 1 punk show, which is a major thing for any band. BBC radio 1 is widely acknowledged for launching the careers of many a band. They have a successful history of championing bands, so that they get their deserved success.

To date the band have released two E.P.’s, ‘Freedom Of Speech’ and ‘Think Of England’. And June 2008, they released their first full album, ‘What Are We Fighting For?’. They have also supported bands like The Subhumans, UK Subs and MC Lars on tour. These guys are one of my favourite band, in the current wave of UK Punk, and they put on an amazing Live show. The band have a good energy and presence that the crowd thrives on. A definite must see for any punk fan.

Free Authorised Download
The Guilty Pleasures- Kick In The Face,

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