I am motivated.
Ok, well still not completely, but I am doing work in my sketch book. I have been doing drawings and things in the book within the last few weeks, and am finally starting to feel good about the way I express myself again.

I know, it sounds like history repeating itself, but this wasn’t just me not being able to do work. It was more like, I had been stuck so long, I was losing my main method of expressing myself. For those who have never exprienced anything like that, it is like cutting off a limb. And at least with disfigurement, there is a route of action to resolve or better that situation. It’s not so easy fixing something like expression.

I have drawn, painted and written down things, ever since I was a young child, call me geeky, but these things helped relax me. And to have that taken away, it was suffocating. I felt almost restless. Like I couldn’t relax. So I sat and read Mice & Men, it was the only thing that I seemed to be able to sit still for. And I went on a few artists blogs and vlogs about scrapbooking. And I eventually, after almost 2 weeks, got my mojo back.

I sat and doodled a face at work.

Sounds like nothing, but I was so happy. I mean, I am planning to use my creativity as my career, so if it was gone, I really don’t know what I would have done. I have never had a creative block like it and I’m so glad it’s over.

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