No Happy

If you know me, then you are likely to know that I have been having issues, with a lot of my internet accounts being hacked. *sigh*

It all started with the college, and the fact that the majority of their PCs have been getting viruses, which are ‘infostealers’. For the uniniciated, infostealers, steal info, like passwords, sites you visit, etc. Well, these viruses seem to be on the network, so every PC seems effected.

Well at the start of the week, I access my facebook, youtube and hotmail account, and my details were sent somewhere. Facebook  went on shut down, after someone tried to access my account from North America, when I am in Scotland.

If that was not enough, some dodgy emails were sent from my hotmail, my youtube videos were deleted and twitter password changed.

So last night, I went and changed all my details, and thought all would be ok. Well, today I recieved a call from Ticketmaster, saying they attempted to take a £400 bill out of my bank. I was raging. Then facebook locked me out AGAIN, then I went to YouTube, and all these animal sex videos were uploaded on my account. WTF!!!!!

To be honest, its making me very reluctant to using the college PCs for anything. But I know I need to. *AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH*

Brighter note, I passed a unit on digital imaging or something. Which is good. Also passed an animation test today. So progress is finally happening, well, progress of sorts

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