Everybody PANIC!

Ran my idea, of featuring my blog in  my sketchbook, as some kind of anitation, past Caron, my tutor, today. She seemed to like it. And she also said that it could be useful as a design idea. Like having large setions of text, and pulling out words of importance into the front. This would be an enteresting concept. But I need to think about it some more.

Been reading about this ‘panic button’, which the government want to be added to facebook.http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8574727.stm The government feel that if they inforce this, then it stops kids being lured by paedophiles. They need to be aware, that this won’t actually stop the kiddies being lured by perves. Rather than bad mouthing Facebook, because it wants to attempt its own methods of protection. If a panic button is used, and it ‘red flags’ a members page.

This is the account being reported, and the way the most sites work, that 1 report and the member gets looked at, and warned. But 5 or 6 reports within a short period of time, the account in question is automatically blocked. Now if everybody uses it correctly, then it works well. But people will abuse it, and will report accounts, which belong to people who maybe are a tad annoying.

Also, this ‘panic button’ is to be used by kids. Now, it is known that most kids who fall into these traps set up by perverts, don’t think they are at risk. They don’t sense danger, so won’t press anything.

So again, the government seem to be having somekind of kneejerk reaction, to Facebook reccently being in the news, after being used by perverts, and by criminals torturing their victims through the site.  They have just thrown out an idea, and hoped that it would be good enough. Then the government will start saying that Facebook is ‘evil’, in an attempt to make themselves look right. The UK government is taking to many short cuts right now, they just want to blame it on someone else

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