The Search For Inspirado

I am so super distracted right now.

The money situation is getting no better, and I am just ‘grr-ing’ at everything. I’m just not getting anything done, and just banging my head of a brick wall. I am progressing slowly, though. Very slowly. So slowly, I may even start going backwards, just for the hell of it.

I seem to be using my financial  situation as an excuse for being so crap at the moment. But I need to get a grip, I can’ t keep on blaming other things for my failure. Sooo *deep breath, I am forcing myself to get some drawings done. I know, I know, I should be doing college work, but I need to get a build-up of my drawing portfolio as well as doing my units. I haven’t spent any time on art work for a while, and I feel that may be what is causing such an issue.

Soooo, in a bid to get started again, I am drawing a centaur (horse/person), as an attempt to get motivated. We’ll see what comes from it, I guess

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