Blogging Vs Social Networking

So blogging is apparently now losing out in popularity to social networking sites, especially Facebook.

I’m still awful stand-offish about facebook, I like something that I can express myself freely, and you can’t realy do that on Facebook. I mean, most people I know, go on it to play the games. Its gimmicky. And I don’t like that.

I pour my heart and soul into my blogs, and recently, with my anti-depressants being taken away, it helps me sort things out in my head a bit. Ok, they have status updates on facebook, but that’s why I use twitter. And to be honest, its easier to ignore annoyances on twitter. I mean I have 104 requests to look through on facebook, and I just can’t be bothered.

It shouldn’t have to be such an effort. You should be able to go on to sites, and use them freely and comfortably. And its not just the Social Networking thing, cause I was on bebo a lot, and after 5 years I still love Myspace. Its just Facebook.

I can use it ok, but I am bored of spending ages on it, playing all the wee games, and checking everyones status updates, and bitching about each other. I mean, people are bad enough getting the message through text messages, let alone facebook. I have seen people block me on facebook, because they didn’t like the way I said something(actually, it’d be the way that they read it). Saying that, not had that issue on twitter yet, and I do talk to a lot of people on that.

The good thing about social networking sites, is when they start to work together, like Myspace shows my tweets and my lastFM, in fact just about all sites, bar facebook uses twitter problem free.

Facebook has got its good points. I mean its great if you wanna check how someone is doing, and its seen a lot of action reconnecting old friends. Maybe its me, and I’m bias because I love Myspace, I dunno. Myspace was the first thing where you could be ‘friends’ with bands you admired, and it really opened up a lot of gateways. I would say, somewhat grudgingly, that I now feel that LastFM is more relevent in music terms. But, that could be that I am always looking for new bands, and LastFM always recommends bands, depending on what you have been listening to.

But its all trends, I guess, one day it will all come back round, where blogs are ‘cool’ again. Saying that, by the time that happens, I might be at the age where blogging is deemed more relevent anyway.

Oh well.

One thought on “Blogging Vs Social Networking

  1. I understand how you say you pour your heart into blogging. I find that I actually care about my blog more than I do about my Facebook because I actually put work into my posts. I spend at least an hour on each one. This commitment makes blogging more enjoyable for me.

    Another Day On Facebook

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