Get this.

First deadline for ALL my college work next week, and guess who is probably going to miss said deadline?

That’s right. MEEEEE! (what a good guess)
The worrying thing is that I am not as stressed as I probably should be. Which is odd. I am usually at panic stations, but all I want to do is do other things. Such as drawing my character (whose name has changed from Kaiko to Kako).

Talking about Kako, I have went crazy drawing her. Its like I have been drawing her loads, and its the only thing I seem to have any productivity for. Its odd cause as a kid, I used to have all these dreams about ‘foxy-people’ and its like it is now I’ve finally found a way to put these thoughts into something productive. I felt that if i could start on something productive, I could transfer it across to my college work, which is easier said than done. I just can’t focus at all.

Its like all I do right now is college and work, and that’s it. Its driving me fecking mental.

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