Getting somewhere, a bit late though

Erm, I spent yesterday typing up reports for the photography unit at the college. It would have been ok, if I hadn’t spent all weekend on them to have my tutor say that she couldn’t access them because the website was palying up. Technology sucks. It wasn’t working on Saturday, and now, its playing up again. Grrr.

I spent all day today doing my graded unit. Which ended up ok, the design idea was quite cool. But the presentation to two tutors was absolute fail. I mean, I just talked rubbish for about 10 mins. I did manage to come back with an answer pretty quick sharp, when I was questioned on one of my designs. One of them is a pair of lips with what looks like they are stitched shut. The tutor asked, that if this project is supposed to be giving kids a voice, shouldn’t the stitches be coming away? I said that the image is supposed to be of the kid with no way to voice themselves, and its supposed to be distorted and arty. Which it was.

That was good thinking for being on the spot. I dunno. I still feel bad about this whole fail of a college year.

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One thought on “Getting somewhere, a bit late though

  1. Don’t get on a downer. The presentation was not bad at all! Take the criticism, learn from it and look forward. We’re looking forward to seeing you back next term, and you’ll just get better and better.

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