A Matter of Experience

The job search is still constant. Apply for about 4 jobs a day, and get nothing in return. It is hard to keep positive in a situation, where all efforts seem to be futile.

A large part of the problem is experience. I am a person with no prejudices about work, and will work anywhere. I have experience in customer services, but have never worked in admin, or factories and I have no actual timed experience in anything design orientated to get a job. Businesses want experience, but despite working since I was 16, they say I don’t have the ‘right’ experience. But there is only one way to get experience, and that is for someone to take a chance on you. But businesses don’t want to take a chance, and seem to ignore the majority of applicants they get.

I have to believe that I am doing the right thing. I am gathering information about Business Gateway classes about working for myself (worth a try) and am applying for anything and everything. It is, unfortunately, out of my hands whether I get an interview or not. And I can see why unemployed people can get apathetic about their situation. You can spend large sections of your life looking for work, whilst everyone around you assumes you enjoy being jobless.

It’s a never-ending battle, where nothing you do is good enough for anyone. Feeling like a failure is horrible at the best of times, but this is like a whole other level. I believe in me and my abilities, shame no-one else does.

An Alien World

Due to reasons I am not going to detail here, I was yesterday made unemployed.

Big whoop, right? Well, wrong, I have worked constantly since I was 16, and to be 28 with no job is rather frightening. In fact, it does not help the anxiety that I talked about in the last post. I have always had a set routine, whether it be work, college or school. So, I currently find myself, nervously, at a bit of a loss.

Upon advice, my goal is to keep myself motivated. Keep moving. First thing I did today, was apply for job seekers allowance. Something, that has a lot of stigma attached to it. Why? Possibly because there is this idea, that people who are not necessarily looking for a job are the ones who claim. Whilst I am certain some people do live in this stereotype, most claimants use it as help. And despite paying tax my whole working life, I feel embarrassed about claiming. Something that is because of the stigma mentioned above. I am hoping that this is just a short term thing, till I get a new job, but you can never tell. Job seeker’s allowance is there to help people live, and as much I wish things were different, they aren’t. I need a wee help, and I am grateful that I live in a country, where something there to help.

This sense of uncertainty over my future does also have me excited on something new. Sometimes doors do close, and it is a bit of a bummer, but the door of opportunity opens. It is up to a person whether they turn round and accept a new challenge, or whether they wallow in what they have lost. And, strangely, I feel like I can take on this new world, this scary world. This isn’t a holiday, so I don’t want to start thinking it is. I want to apply to multiple jobs every day. Send out my CV. Just work hard, that way, I may still feel a little bit valid. It’s hard thinking that I have no role, no purpose, and I think that’s the part that scares me most.