Change of the Seasons (BEDA)

Its the time of the year when the days are getting longer and its becoming a little warmer. I love the spring. I love the fact I can go out for more walks and can see everything growing again after the cold winter. 

I am trying to get more healthy and I have been walking a lot more over the last few weeks. It’s a great way to de-stress, and the longer days with better weather gives me the chance to do it. The lighter days also can effect people’s mood. There has been evidence that the volume of sunlight a person sees in a day helps their mood. And with the sun making an appearance this past weekend, I can see how that is true. 

I am back at work tomorrow, but am so happy and bouncy. I am ready for the warmer weather and the challenges that lie ahead. And hopefully, like the rest of the natural world, I can grow from it. 

The Springing of Spring!


It’s becoming that time of the year where a certain freshness is in the air, with lighter evenings and blooming flowers. Where the ‘stripped back’ appearance of winter disappear as the world starts to grow and become bright again. I love Spring. It’s like the world is becoming alive again, and it is so beautiful. It’s the best time to go for walks and explore where you live.

This time of year makes me realise how great it is to live where I do. Not everyone can walk along the coast, and paddle in sea water. Depending on where I walk, I can pick up sea shells or flowers. It is my favourite thing to do, and in the winter you don’t get the chance to enjoy walks so much.

There is also this sense of nature restarting a cycle, be it lambing on a farm or the flowering of plants on a nature walk. It’s like things start again, and have another go. Which is a nice thing to think of. Whilst, starting again completely may not be always necessary, it’s a great reminder that nature always ambles on.

Trees often look dead in the winter. In spring, the leaves bud and life seems to come back. It’s a good metaphor for life when you think about it. When things appear dead, life can still go on. So the main thing, is to keep your head down, and try again. Nature has created you to keep on fighting through, like everything around you.