Welcome to another week, coinciding with me being ill and not able to face going outside at all. So been lying in my bed, making screen caps and just doing nothing. *sigh*

The meds I’m on are supposed to stop me feeling like this. My mum and dad, think its something I ate, which made me ill, but I have a feeling its all cause I work myself up into some kind of stupid state. I mean I try to think, that I’ll be ok, and its just the ‘blues’, but ignoring the feeling don’t make anything any easier. I can’t face work, but I risk losing my job if I phone in sick. So I just end up making myself go to work, ill. And that’s not good for anyone. So do I risk my job by staying off, or by going in and end up crying at the first negative thing a customer says.

See, I am stressing over something, I shouldn’t have stress about. Plenty of other people don’t give a shit about work, and I make my self more ill thinking about having to take time off. I do my head in completely.

So I sat and listen to music today