Changing Spaces

This year, I have had this blog running for 10 years. That is a huge part my life. I was at High School for less years. It is pretty crazy, and something that I forget.

My blog has had the same look for the last several years. It works great for what I need, but it feels boring. I have decided to give things a bit of a fresh look. Not really sure what kind of thing I am looking for.

I guess, it all depends on where I want to take this blog in the future. I do a lot of writing, but do I bring more pictures into my posts? Try to make my content more varied? It is hard, because, I know what works for me, what keeps me coming back to post time and time again. Writing is a release for me, something I can do to relax myself after a bad day. It has become a place which has documented some of the most trying times in my life. And, I feel like I have grown attached to this site, as a result.

It is why I have always been scared to try and remodel things. It could end up looking awful, and I just won’t like it. I guess, the good thing is, that I will always be able to try something else if one thing doesn’t work.

So, just a warning, things might appear out of sorts on here for a bit, whilst I figure out what I am doing

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