Computer Crash

If I am going to write I prefer it to be on my computer. Mostly because as much as I have gotten used to typing in a touchscreen, it doesn’t compare to typing on a physical keyboard. So I turn my computer on tonight, and it’s stuck. On this.


Why? I am going to have to try and reset it, as the hard-disk isn’t even spinning. And Windows 10, being the waste of space that it is, doesn’t seem to want to restart. *sigh* So ‘F8’ doesn’t work, which is the old way to fix broken updates, and the ‘shift’ key also doesn’t work.

This laptop could end up spending the night outside at this rate. I have been online (via my phone), and nothing seems to work. So bringing it on here. As a result of pulling own hair out. Does anyone out there know how to get my computer out of this ridiculous update loop, where it is stuck at 68%?

Any advice is appreciated. As much as I love technology, I have very little patience when it goes wrong.

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