Media Hate Mongering

If you know me personally, I love to think that I can try to get on with everyone. I feel that every person has to have some good in them. Every person is someone’s child, sibling or parent, no different from myself in that way. Despite what people say about it being a deluded way to live my life, I find it comforting that every person has the same internal core. They have the same feelings, it is just that they may think a different way.

This has come to my head today, after the recent outpouring of negativity about Josie Cunningham, who went to the press reporting that she’d abort her 19 week pregancy to get on Big Brother. As mentioned in the article, Josie has previously caused anger because of her £4,600 boob job she got out of the NHS. People hated this young woman, and some even sent her death threats, which in the current world of anonymous led social media, is no longer unusual. Now, as it is publicised that she is having a very late abortion, for a TV show, she is back to getting death threats and blind hatred from people who nothing about her apart from the headlines seen in tabloids.

There is so much about this that makes me uncomfortable. First, how a young woman is made into a public hate figure by opertunist PR companies, namely one called Celebrity Culture, who represent Ms Cunningham. Who describe themselves as:-

Unlike many other companies, we embrace the new age of Celebrity and work closely with national media to raise clients profiles and maximising earning potential… We pride ourselves in attracting national and international media attention and gaining visibility for our clients with the public via various mediums including tabloids, magazines, Tv, Radio and various forms of social media and cyber based platforms.

So, how much of this is controlled by the PR company? Because they certainly have ‘gained visability’ for Ms Cunningham. And the media, working with this PR company, have created this buzz around a making an idea of a person who is as horrible as possible. Because, you don’t need to browse very far in the world of online media, to find another woman rolled out to be as offensive as possible. Why? Because women bitch about other women, women hate on other women, women like to think they are better than other women. That is not remotely true for a lot, but noone hates on women like other women. I have this image in my head of all the male new paper executives and PR company managers getting together to find women to promote that would just offend people.

It is how women are portrayed in the media. That if they do not fit into a certain criteria, then they are considered as scum. And this is considered unacceptable. The fact that a newspaper and PR company sell a young woman down the river, to the point people are threatening her children. Maybe she looks at the Glamour models of Zoo, Nuts and Page 3 and wants that life at all costs, because, to her, it is portrayed as a great job. Which I imagine for some girls it does seem that way. By flashing your body, you can get everything your heart desires. Which is what these magazines and such want. Young girls, who want little else than fame, because it is the most promoted ‘industry’ in modern society. Particularly because over the last several years, people are becoming famous for hitting headlines, and getting attention. And Ms Cunningham is certainly doing both of those, and I wonder if she even needs Big Brother anymore. That is, if she is fine with being a Katie Hopkins style hate figure. Some who is rolled out from time to time, to create anger amongst the general public. Something to serve a distraction against the normal news. The Daily Mail, sister paper of the Mail on Sunday (original article publisher), has paid a reporter to con a foodbank out of food, to say how easy it was, which has been ignored by the celebrity obsessed masses. And that is all you need to know about the state of society. The fact that a company, has possibly tactically, posted an offensive wannabe story days before that of trying to badmouth a charity that saves so many families.

Is it right that people are allowed to become so disenfranchised about our media, that after some thought I am wondering whether Ms Cunningham is even pregnant. The fact that it can be twisted into a ‘news story’, to anger and garner publicity on the Ms Cunningham, the news paper and even Big Brother, is a bit sickening. Although Ms Cunningham is the topic of discussion, how much of this is within her control?

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