Daily Routine?

Do you have a daily routine?

I don’t. And it works me up sometimes, because everything just ends up a mess and I panic. I get very anxious if I feel out of control, yet at the same time, I am constantly struggling to get organised. Everything is always such a muddle, as it has always been. And it sometimes gets to the stage when I have panic attacks because of the stress.

I try to write lists. As these can sometimes calm me down. It helps me gain a little bit of control, stops my brain working at 90 miles an hour. It also helps to sometimes document the way I’m feeling. That way I can feel like I am ‘talking through’ what nonsense is in my head, without feeling I am imposing on anyone. As silly as it sounds, it does help me.

A piece of advice I get a lot, to help lower anxiety levels, is to start a daily routine. Same things every day, just so that I have a solid foundation to work off. So that if things do go a bit wrong, I can deal. At the moment there is no standard routine, so everything is all over the place in general, and when something goes wrong, it gets worse. So, I am going to spend the next few days trying to figure out a routine that I can do EVERY DAY. A routine that isn’t me getting out of bed 10 minutes before I need to leave the house.

One thought on “Daily Routine?

  1. Sue, I agree a routine helps me deal better with anxiety. I am getting ready to make a major life change and leave a career I’ve been in for 17 years. In one way, my creative ideas have sort of taken on a life of their own as I see the possibilites. I’m kind of on overdrive in a way. Then the panic attacks began again. I haven’t had those for a couple of years now. So frustrating!! For me, I find that in the past I have totally sabotaged my own system of routine and organization because the creative side of me wants to do things when I feel good and ready to because (fill in the blank here) is SO much more interesting than doing whatever is on my list at the time. This way of (NOT) handling things until the last minute has caused me so much stress. I’ve had to learn to do one MUST do before I can allow myself to do a Want to. I know how ridiculous that sounds. But if I can break down the big tasks I don’t want to do into little things then I am way more likely to do them. As I said, my normal routine is about to change drastically. We’ll see how I do. As for the panic and feeling overwhelmed with too many things to do, I sometimes just have to get in the car and go somewhere when I feel that way – literally have something different to focus on. When I come back I am more able to break things down into manageable pieces. I hope you find something worth reading in all of this mess. 🙂
    God bless,

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