A Step Into The Unknown


When you can’t see what is directly in front of you, life can be pretty intimidating. Especially when you considered your future to be secure. I mean, what can you do when the path you’ve trodden on for years suddenly vanishes?

This is where the focus of my stress is planted. I don’t know if I’ll be in the same job next year. It doesn’t sound much, but when you’ve been in the same job for 6 years, to be made aware that come January you could be out of it, you can get scared.

I guess the main objective is to stay calm. As much as it may mean financial hardship, I’m not going to die over it. Look for alternatives. Is this the time for me to go for a change in direction, do a job I have actual interest in? And also, nothing is definite, remember to stay focus and work as hard as you can.

This has been a pep talk for myself. Hopefully it inspires me to keep my head up.

Thou Shan’t Be Defeated!!

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