Countdown to the Weekend?

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you it’s Friday. It is the end of the normal working week, and a chance for a few days of relaxation. Except, is there such a think as a normal working week, anymore. I know that my shift I work now is ‘unsociable’ hours, and my new one is better, but still not Monday to Friday.

A large number of the general public work unusual hours, or hours which don’t follow the standard working week. As a working person, you are now expected to have flexibility with hours, and be able to work over the weekends. This is because the lifestyle of the average person has changed to being pretty non-stop. Partially this is because people are working more, there has to be more to accomodate these people, as they still need to be able to pay bills and do shopping. The more businesses start to operate during unusual hours, the more other businesses will follow suite.

And that can make it difficult if you are looking for employment, and aren’t aware of those facts. It can lead to people lowering their employability, without being aware of it. If you are not flexible, then it can lead to an opportunity passing you by. Which in this current climate, is not something any person can afford. I guess, people need to find out what is important in their lives.  And if finding work is your goal, you may have to make a few sacrifices.


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