Crash! Bang! Wallop!

Are the noises my brain made, as I tried to shake it into s0me level of activity after it grinded to a hault. It failed, though I must point out, walking around the house shaking your head is frowned upon, especially when there are people in the house.

There has been a lack of everything being updated, because I have not been the computer. There has been updates to twitter, but I would say that is about it.  I am having problems with NaNoWriMo, the first week was awesome, and I was so into things, but I just fell so far behind, after almost a whole week of ignoring the story. -.- Yes, this is not how you do this. It is two weeks tomorow, since it started, and I should be almost half way. I am at 10,000 words. So, I guess I need to stop ignoring, and start writing.

As an appology, please accept this gift of the firework display I filmed last weekend.


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