Feeling Forlorn?

Ok, not so much. I just really wanted to use the word ‘forlorn’. I don’t believe that word is used enough. For a word meaning sadness, it just sounds so impressive. *cough* Sorry, couldn’t think of a title, for what is, yet another, rambling blog of nothing. I use a blog, like a diary, so I expect to see the ups and downs of my journey through life, all documented on a web page. Or a few web pages. Actually, with the amount of blogs I run, I think it may be more than ‘a few web pages’.  Oh well.

I am feeling all motivated today. It coincides with time off work, and actually doing things, such as tidying up. I guess, when I do something with my day, I can’t help but feel more satisfied and motivated. Which is good, I think that it must be something psychological. I mean, if you feel down, the main advice is to pick yourself up and carry on. I think this may because once you start doing things, momentum gets you doing more. It is getting up and started which is hard.

I, think, that because I have done quite a lot today, for me. It has me scribbling down ideas for future projects. Optimism is a great feeling, and isn’t something I am used to. I tend to be more the-glass-is-half-empty, kind of girl, so when I do feel good, I have to document it. I have to talk about how great I feel, and the ideas I have, just because I feel I should spread my happiness.

So if you feel forlorn, power through it, and when you feel good SHOUT IT OUT!! *sings Hanson*

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