Rebellion Fest– See You Soon Blackpool

So, tonight is ‘get ready’ night, because tomorrow I am away down to Blackpool until Monday night. Which is great, I need some time away.
I am away down to Rebellion Festival, a punk festival held at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens. It is the highlight of my year, and there is always some amazing bands there. Bands going that I want to see include:
*The Exploited
*The Restarts
*The Guilty Pleasures
*Middle Finger Salute
*The Creepshow
*Anti-Nowhere League
*Cock Sparrer
*The Business
*Sonic Boom Six
*The Damned
*The Beat
*The Bouncing Souls
*The Dickies
*The Vibrators
*The Varukers
*Street Dogs
*Old Firm Casuals (feat Lars from Rancid)
*Infa Riot
*The Meteors
*Slaughter & The Dogs

Just ckecked the timing, and I may have to make a choice between one band and another.
Going to be so good though.

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