These Days Spent A’Ramblin’.

Don’t have a lot to say right now.

I have the urge to update though. All my utterances I have online, are pretty much on twitter and tumblr. Mostly because they are not anything substantial, it is just a few sentences or a comment I need to say. Nothing that has enough ‘stuff’ for a blog post. Which is depressing, because I usually have so much to say.

So I have been sitting around, listening to Charlie Parker and chilling out. I find jazz one of the most relaxing kinds of music. The sound just manages to lift what ever mood I am in, and to me, that’s what music is good for. It is something that you can turn to, if you need it, it is there. And depending on the person, different kinds of music can do that. For me, it is always jazz, reggae and ska that cheer me up, regardless as to why I am not happy.

Music is strange, because it is using someone else’s art, to relate to and help express your feelings. That is how I feel about music, it is art. Even if something is not to someone’s taste, they shouldn’t ‘hate’ it. I mean hate, is you dismissing another artist complete, and is a strong word for something that isn’t to your taste. I try to give most kinds of music a go, but I know there are particular artist’s I can’t stand (Justin Beiber, Take That, etc). But, I would never say these are crap artists. Regardless of my view on their music, they are out there making music, music which will effect someone. So kudos for them, for doing something I could only dream of. So you insult an artist, you insult the people who can relate to their music. You insult people you have never met. And if you do that, it says more about you, than the actual person you berate.

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