Yes, it’s that time of the month where I have nothing exciting to say, so I am going to answer questions I seem to get asked all the time. Apart from the fact this is the first time I have done this. Hmm… nice.

Do you get money for writing blogs? Not unless I pay myself, which I don’t. I feel like I get asked this questions A LOT. Which is nice that people want to know if you can make money, but NEWS FLASH, unless you are immensely popular and get +1k views a week, then you have no chance. And, I feel like by saying that, so many people have given up writing a blog. Seriously folks, if you are writing to try and make money out of writing an online diary, then stop. IT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN IF THAT’S YOUR GOAL.

How long have you blogged for? About 5 years over on Livejournal, and I believe I am approaching my second WordPress birthday in the next few months, I believe. So yeah, I have had A LOT of practice in venting constructively online.

What were you like at school? Very quiet. I tended to stick in the background. Most people who are like that, were very intellegent and achieved well. I didn’t. I kinda stunk out my last few years at school. Which is strange, because I have always loved both reading and writing, and so studying should have really come easy to me. But it didn’t. I had my small group of really close friends, who I still talk to (9 years after leaving school), but that’s it. I wasn’t a prefect, I wasn’t on the honours list, I won no awards, but I was there. Only just.

You mention college a lot, what did you study? I have been to college in two periods. First time, was after I left school, and I wanted to be a Veterinary Nurse. I spent almost 3 years studying, but I failed the exam. I have never been good at exams. And I couldn’t afford to reset. So I ended up working for a bakery. Back doing a job at 22, that I did when I was 16 and at school. Which kinda sucked.

Then I started studying Art and Graphic Design. Apart from doing animal care, this was the other thing I really wanted to do. So I spent 4 years trying to improve on what I already know, and I really enjoyed it. Again, the underachiever in me, lead me to not applying myself 100%, but I did learn a lot. I am now a freelance designer, and would love to get the chance t0 go back into animal care at some point.

Some people class me as a failure, for being at college and not having a job at the end of it that relates to my education. But I gave it a fair go, and am fairly content that I have done so. I would recommend anyone to give it a go. 🙂

What are your interests apart from blogging? I skulk the internet, on forums, video sites, and just reading things. I also spend A LOT of my time both reading books and listening to music. I obsess over things in a really intense fashion, to the point that I talk about the things enough, I just get strange looks from people. But my main musical obsessions are Good Charlotte and Rancid, and TV wise, I am obsessed with the Gilmore Girls.
After many conversations with my fellow internet junkies, it seems that obsession is a childish trait picked up by geeks. Which is fine with me. It’s like how I used to watch the same episode of Hong Kong Phooey all the time, to the point I think the video became overplayed and stretched, or my mum threw it out, because it was irritating. Charming.

Anyway, that’s just a few small things I felt I could answer. If you have anything else, please feel free to ask me on comments or anywhere, really. Hope all my readers have a great Wednesday.

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