The Monotony of Self-Improvement

It’s official, searching for employment sucks.
(She says as if she is the only person in the world doing so.)

I have decided that working a meagre 25 hours a week is slowly turning me into the laziest person known to man. So, in a bid to kick me out of said rut, I have been applying for more work. I’ve decided that, even if it is another part-time job, but during the day, I’ll get more money. Ideally, I would be able to get a full time hours at my existing workplace, but that isn’t very likely at occurring. In fact, there is probably more chance of me getting a number 1 single, than getting more hours at work. -.-

And people say that finding a job is the hard bit. I have been working in the same call centre for about 4 and a half years, which now makes it my longest job. But other than attempting to get some overtime, nothing is happening. I decided that this year is the year for change, so because nothing is happening at my existing work, I am applying for other jobs. A full-time one would be nice, but I know there isn’t very many of those around at the moment. So, I have decided that I am OK with working two jobs, if that’s what is required.

See this whole making an effort to try and do things in life? It’s hard. :S

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