Messy Mess

I have sat and stared at this blog entry for 20 minutes. And this is the first thing I am writing in this little textbox. -.-

I am a strange mish-mash of feelings today. Mostly because I have so many things going on in my head right now. And it think it has combined to be one big mess of thoughts. I swear, if you could access my brain right now, you would be disgusted by the mess you would find (actually, same could also be said about my bedroom). I work best in a messy environment, because I can find a tidy one unsettling.

That surely means there is something wrong with me. I like a mess, I feel comfortable if I have papers and sketchbooks all over my floor. I know where everything is, so I don’t get in a panic, thinking I’ve lost anything. *thinks* That actually makes no sense whatsoever. Ach well, sense is over-rated. And besides, I think most people are messy, they just pretend they are tidy to give themselves a higher state of self-importance. It’s like, ‘I am better than you because you can see my floor’. *rolls eyes*

Now Playing:

The Exploited- Privacy Invasion

The Rabble- The New Generation

The Murderburgers- Snowing In April

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