What have I been doing?

Well, in the last month I have:

*Shouted at 02 over the phone.

*Shouted at Xbox over the phone.

*Been lucky to get out of bed by noon EVERY DAY, and feeling sickened by it.

*Finally hit my gamerscore over 1,000 points. Ahem, I know it is poor.

*Got all over excited about seeing Good Charlotte in under a month.

*Applied for 8 jobs, and heard nothing back.

*Ran out of money 1 week before payday *rolls eyes*

*Paid for a bottle of juice at Tescos, using just coppers.

*Started a new DailyBooth acc, because I lost my old one (http://dailybooth.com/SueRiotGraphics)

*Bought a funky bag, it’s like white tiger print, so awesome.

*Downloaded Doritos Crash Course for free on Xbox

*Became agitated after falling in the water too much during Doritos Crash Course.

*Switched Xbox off, as I was becoming irritated.

*Got obsessed over Primeval, and reignited my obsession over Red Dwarf.

*Took lots of pretty photos, which are all on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/riotgraphics/)



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