Sunday= meh

Well, hello there.

Been awful distracted of late, hence the lack of blogs.

As a bit of an update, been doing college work, going to work  and sleeping. Yeah, so very exciting, which as usual is mostly due to lack of funds. I have been doing very little bar frequenting various forums.  But I got paid on Friday, so went on the usual pay-day high. I spent £45 on comic books and booked myself a new tattoo.

I have been sitting in front of my laptop, struggling to find the momentum to finish my Graded unit research. I am very lax with it at the moment. There is just no motivation there at all. I am going to have to force myself to get it done, as I have to hand in the work for grading tomorrow.  Total dreading it. This is the project which decides where I get my grade for my course from. So I am making a lot of effort that it is done right, but doing it all tidy and clean, is making it very monotonous to do. It does look pretty mind you. Just I am regreting putting all my work together in Photoshop. Its just a lot of extra work *sigh* I just hope it pays off, which my tutor believes it it will, because it looks nice. Uch. Its giving me a headache too.

Also. Mr Benjamin Madden, kind of knocked the breath out of me a bit.

I mean ‘hello’. Still not happy over the fact that Ellismania 5 is happening on my birthday. And all Jason Ellis can say to comfort me, is that Benji is a ‘dead cert’ to win’. *rolls eyes* Something tells me he said that just to shut me up. lol. But I am confused, and its something that has been playing on my mind. The fight is MMA, and Benji and Rikki are different weight classes. I heard that they were attempting to get Rikki up to Benji’s weight, but he just couldn’t bulk up. So Benji has been downsizing, to fit Rikki’s weight class. Benji still looks heavier than Rikki, but he is very close to being in his class. Uch, Benji you had better win, since you decided to fight on my birthday.

Anywho, talking about MMA stuff, UFC? UFC113, is in May. I am all split over it for having Koscheck Vs Daley. I really like watching those two guys fight and it sucks that they are gonna be against each other. I do think Koscheck might win it, but I really want Daley to do well. Oh well

Today I’ve been listening to:-

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