Music Monday

Well, what can I say?

Its still Monday, and I’m still not caught up on college stuff. *sigh*

 I am trying, but I always find more interesting things to do. Mostly reading or drawing something with that’s got bog all to do with college work. I think I have a mental problem, where I see things I should do, and ignore it and waste my time on something else. Ok, Im not wasting my time. I am drawing, which makes me happy, so its not a waste.

 Been listening to SS-Kaliert today, and I love them. They are a German Punk band, and I have been obsessed with them for a while. I want their hoodie, well ist not theirs, but its a SS-Kaliert hoodie. I ❤ A.G.or (wait for it) Benni. Ha bet noone saw that one coming. I have a thing for the name Benjamin obviously. Actually I love them all. lol. Its strange because I can’t speak a word of German, and thats what they sing in. I like that, because I can’t help feeling that if a band sings in English, there is something fake about it. Probably because usually the songs are written in their mother tongue, then translated into English. So SS-Kaliert dont have that problem. SS-Kaliert is taken from ‘Es Eskaliert’ which is German for ‘It Escalates’.

Also liking an Italian ska band called Redska. Again this band sing in Italian, so I have no idea what they’re saying, but they are so energetic, it doesn’t matter. So they are on my ipod right now.

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