Feeling Run Down?

At the moment, my health is not my friend. With feeling sore all over, constant feelings of sickness, dizziness, and bouts of anxiety that can have me standing crying at the most embarrassing times. I have sought medical advice, so hopefully a solution is coming. But, it doesn’t stop me feel horrible every day.

One of the best pieces of advice, I have found, is to focus on things you enjoy. Because part of my problem is relating to my mental health, I end up doing things that I have done a thousand times before. I think this is something that I have mentioned on here fairly recently, but today I wanted to go into more detail.

The Hills (MTV)

One of the programmes I have been watching, again, is The Hills. It was a show, which appeared on MTV from 2006, that aired for 6 seasons. It was about young women, work and enjoy social lives in Los Angeles, California. The show was the first of that ‘US reality’ stuff that came on to my radar. There were always rumours, of scripted reality. Where things did happen, but they were edited to make a story, or sometimes situations were entirely fabricated. That didn’t bother me so much, it was simple tv. And some of the girls, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port in particular, were interested in doing something creative. Yes, it was fashion, something I had never had much interest with personally, but I still found it interesting to see part of a creative industry I hadn’t seen before. It was something that I would watch whenever I got the chance. And when I found the whole series on Amazon Prime, I couldn’t resist watching it all. I have always been bad at watching ‘whole seasons’ of a show, but I have watched all 6 seasons in a couple of weeks, which is very fast for me.

I have also been trying to journal more. Write down nonsense, draw pictures, stick down memories, just create something. I usually sit and write a few pages before bedtime, and it helps clear my mind. I have some ‘study music’ playlist on in the background, and make the experience as relaxing as possible. I have found it is a good way to wind down after a busy day at work. As I am more relaxed, I am starting to fall asleep quicker. This means I am more rested, and able to deal with how challenging the next day will be.

On my Apple Watch, there is an app called ‘Breathe’. It guides you through a process of focusing on your breathing. It’s like meditation. Helps calm everything down, helps get my thoughts in line a little. I haven’t really tried meditation before, and maybe it is something I should do further. Especially in times, like these, where I can very easily become overwhelmed.

My immediate aim is to try and find more things that help calm my brain down. Try to let myself go enjoy something, even if it’s just a distraction. A lot of people will quickly dismiss distractions, as a waste of time. But, when life is hard, sometimes a distraction is exactly what is required.

Netflix Recommended :Series

I am one of those people who can take or leave a Netflix binge. I like watching one or two episodes, but normally, any more than that and my attention starts to fade. So I thought I’d make a list of what I have been watching recently.

The Big Bang Theory – This program is repeated a lot on TV here in the U.K., but it is always the same episodes that I seem to catch. So it’s nice to flit back to the start, and have it on whilst doing housework.

Pretty Little Liars – I love this show, and I found it through Netflix. Alison DiLaurentis goes missing, suspected dead, and her friends are pulled into a mess. Some mystery, and a whole lot of drama.

Gary Tank Commander – Gary McLintoch is a Tank Commander in the British Army, in this funny comedy from BBC Scotland. Gary and his pals mess around, and seemingly make a mess of everything. I mean, a program that tries to reference cheesy pasta whilst talking about the war in Iraq is worthy of a look.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air– The role that brought Will Smith to the world. This program was something I watched nightly on BBC 2 after my dinner, it was shown after The Simpsons. The program is still really funny. Will is a teenager sent from Philadelphia to live with his uncle in the posh Bel-Air, and the comedy that comes from him being completely mis-matched with his new surroundings. A bit of 90s nostalgia is good for you.

The Gilmore Girls– another nostalgic turn. The story of the life and loves of Lorelai Gilmore, and her daughter Rory. The story starts with Lorelai getting Rory into a private school, so that she can achieve her dream of attending Harvard. The series was revived this year by Netflix, and continued where the original series left off. It’s a nice easy watch, and I suggest anyone to check into Stars Hollow.

It’s not very many, but as I said before, I am not a ‘watch a series in a day’ kind of girl. I am more, watch a few episodes and forget for a month. So I am ALWAYS behind.