Opinion Timing

I have spent a lot of time on this blog recently discussing the matter of opinion. Of accepting it and whether it is always accepted. A big side of this is timing, if your opinion is voiced at a inappropriate time, it WILL get met with negativity.

This last fortnight has been the annual Wimbledon tennis championship in London. It has been a great tournament, filled with some great matches. This years event was made all the better because Andy Murray won the men’s title. It was fantastic. There hasn’t been a British singles winner in my lifetime, and it always seemed like it was something that was out of reach. So when it happened, so many people were ecstatic. And they shared their joy and congratulations for Murray across social networks.

Twitter was good, as with any popular event, if people don’t care about something they ignore it. Or if they say something it is insignificant in amongst all the happy comments. I did notice that on Facebook, there were multiple comments of ‘I’m sick of Murray’, ‘it was just tennis, which is boring’ and ‘people need to get a life if they think tennis is fun’. I am all for people sharing opinions, but they have had an entire 2 WEEKS to show their opinion about tennis, but they do it just as we have a British champion? Does it devalue their opinion because they decided to voice their thoughts right at the highest point of the competition?

Sometimes to get an opinion heard more, you maybe do have to voice it at the moment the subject gets the most attention. By doing this, you could get an emotional response, particular if it is the polar opposite to what the majority are feeling. People may question the authenticity of your opinion, considering you have never spoke about it until it became the most popular. Some may think that because you are not a’part’ of something, that you feel you need to go against the grain to be noticed.

It is a difficult one to call.
I am a huge sport fan, and have watched days worth of tennis over the last 2 weeks, and am super thrilled that Andy Murray won. Having watched him for years, over the last 2 years, Murray’s game has changed so much. He is so powerful. So congratulations Andy, the first Scottish man to win singles at Wimbledon.

Regular as Clockwork

I have heard recently, that an active blog should be updated a couple of times a week. This doesn’t inundate readers with daily posts, but it let’s them see that you are still active. Okay, it was advice on Vlogging on YouTube, but I guess the same rules could apply to blogging.

Usually, if I go on a kick and blog EVERYDAY, I will do it for so long, and suddenly stop. It’s like I have overdosed on it, and then can’t find anything else to say. So I go from blogging daily, to not blogging for a month. I thing part of blogging is habit, if you get yourself out of the habit of posting, then it is hard to get back into it.

I think that writing 2 blogs a week is a good target. Something that seems a little bit easier to do that blogging every day. But, we’ll see. Hopefully, if I get back into the swing of things, there shouldn’t be too many more blogs about blogging. 🙂