Bridged A Gap

The Queensferry Crossing is due to open by September 2017.

The Forth Rail Bridge opened in March 1890.

Sometimes it is crazy to see how far engineering has come. And it has been great to see this new bridge take shape.


When complete, the Firth of Forth will be a rare sight of 3 different style bridges all built in 3 different centuries all side-by-side. It’s pretty cool.

Out and About (BEDA)

Today was a lovely day, so I thought I’d head out for a walk. Heading along the Fife Coastal path and got a little snap happy. Featured is an old shooting point from World War 2 and the new Queensferry Crossing being build across the Forth Estuary. I love the sea air, and have grown up around this area. When you see the gorgeous scenery, I can’t understand how people can say they hate living in Fife.