Opinions. It is often said that ‘like assholes, everyone has one’.

And they do, every single person has their own mind, to help them decipher the world that we live in. Depending on a person’s experiences, their opinions will be different.

And I think that comes into play when you talk about likes/dislikes. Depending on where you are in life, what you do, who you are, you like different things. And a big part of you expressing love for something, you should appreciate that other people should have the same levels of expression that you do. So if you want to express your love for Metallica, your peers should be able to say that they love One Direction.

The other side to this is dislike. If you teach yourself to appreciate what other people like, then you should also appreciate each others’ hates. Likes and dislikes are not something decided to offend a certain person. Easy to understand, right?

You’d think so. But you will still get death threats for saying you don’t like a Lady Gaga album. This isn’t your fault. It is other people, who expect people to put up with their continuous love diatribes to a celebrity, but refuse to except that not everyone feels that way.

Acceptance is something I talk about a lot on here. Just because I think it is so importance. And I think that if I want my voice to be valued, I have to value the voice for others.


Oh Youtube.

I am addicted. *shakes fists*

I spend way too much online, watching  Vlogs of people who actually update regularly. Now whilst this is good, in that it gets me motivated, and  gets me wanting to do something, it also makes me feel bad, because I am such a lazy vlogger. I go through little sprints of making videos, where I get all excited. But, most of the time I am way too lazy to try shoot, edit and upload a video, especially when it can take anything up to an hour to upload videos.

I know, I have slow internet, especially during the day. -.-

I am a very creative individual, when my mood lets me, and I openly embrace anything that allows a person to let their creative juices flow. It helps stop a person becoming repressed,  they can become more in touch with their feelings, and are less likely to do things such as commit mass murder. So, being creative not just betters  your existence  it could be saving the lives of others.

Well, it could.

Anyway, I do spend a lot of time watching vlogs and am subscribing to new channels on a daily basis. Whilst this gives me way too much ‘home work’ whenever I am offline for a few days, it is worth it, and I do get to the point when I could spend a few hours happily watching Vlogs. There is something embedded into my brain somewhere, where I like to show my opinion (which you will know if you have read this blog before). And it therefore involves me listening to other peoples’ opinions and thoughts, because that is the only way you can express opinion, is knowing how other people may think.

Sometimes I wish I had went to University to major in human behaviour, because it is something that interests me so much. I mean, you can tell a lot from a person, just by how well the edit videos and talk to the camera. I am aware that sounds slightly misguided, but I assure you, how you edit a video says a lot about you. I am the kind of person who is terrible at editing, and that is usually because I like to cut it where I feel it seems natural. It just never comes across as natural on screen. :/

Anyways, here is are a few You Tube channels which have lead to me living my life on a video site.


Good or Bad

Going on from my train of thought yesterday. I starting thinking about what says something is either good or bad. We get told there are bad words, bad actions, bad clothes, bad music. But really what does any of that mean?

The thing is, it’s our heads that decide what is good or bad. Its our thought process, which turns something good or bad. A word is just a word, it can’t stab someone. The thoughts and ideas the word conjures up, is what decides whether it is good or bad. And the thoughts and ideas change, depending on where you come from.

For instance, if I mention the word ‘fag’, I mean it as cigarette, and usually means I am going for a smoke. But to Americans, it is a negative word aimed at gay people. So whilst in the UK, that word is harmless, in the US it is a terrible word. But the word isn’t the bad thing, its what people connect to it. It happens everywhere.

I feel that is something that is a part of how people work. Like I said yesterday, people like to feel more superior, and they do that by having answer for everything. So rather than saying, ‘that song isn’t to my taste’, people are more likely to say ‘that song is bad’. Its maybe people just not wording things right, but I feel it is more than that. Its like giving it a solid answer, if you say that something is bad. That’s it, end of discussion.

But, fair enough, if people are taught and brought up to think that way. But, it becomes an issue, when someone opposes their opinion. People forget that opinion is never right or wrong. People refuse to except differing opinions, and refuse to discuss them. We call our selves the most superior race, but if we can’t accept and discuss even simple opinions, its no wonder society is crumbling.

You want someone to listen and respect what you say and think, maybe you should do the same. Try it.