Festive Tidings

Christmas is over for another year. All that preparation, and it’s over too fast. Well, I say it’s over, but it’s more the fact that it is behind us. Things have been hard, because the busy-ness of the festive period is usually super busy. This year, due to COVID restrictions all over the world, things are different. Everything feels like it’s at a distances. Messages over social media, FaceTime, and posting gifts through doors and mail boxes. It’s strange.

It has been hard to let people know you are thinking of them. I just haven’t known what to say to folk. It’s no secret that I have really struggled this year, and that’s not something you want to share during a period of goodwill. It has been nice, to not be working, to be at home with my family. Because, despite a lot of businesses being in lockdown, I have worked this entire year, almost normally. So, it has been nice to have a few days off to eat, drink, and fall asleep.

What have I enjoyed most over this Christmas:

*Gave some gifts to the people who matter most– The best reaction was from my nephew, when I gave him a toy that he was so surprised about. He was so excited, the box was ripped open instantly.

*Spent time with family- I am fortunate enough that I live with family, so I have been able to relax with them. I am usually so exhausted from work, that I head to my bed after dinner. So it has been nice to have my dinner with them, and do things like play games.

*Watched lots of movies– I’m bad at watching movies, again because I am usually too tired. All the movies watched were family films, the new Jumanji films, Brave, Minions, and others. I normally get bored too easily, so family movies keep me entertained most.

*Ate loads of food– I always worry about what I eat, that it’s always too much. So, it was nice to forget about it for a while, luckily I don’t have a sweet tooth, so all the sweets around the house weren’t too bad. When I get stressed, I am erratic with what I eat, so it was nice to be eating proper meals, with my family. Eating wasn’t a solitary thing, like it is when I’m working.


Opinions. It is often said that ‘like assholes, everyone has one’.

And they do, every single person has their own mind, to help them decipher the world that we live in. Depending on a person’s experiences, their opinions will be different.

And I think that comes into play when you talk about likes/dislikes. Depending on where you are in life, what you do, who you are, you like different things. And a big part of you expressing love for something, you should appreciate that other people should have the same levels of expression that you do. So if you want to express your love for Metallica, your peers should be able to say that they love One Direction.

The other side to this is dislike. If you teach yourself to appreciate what other people like, then you should also appreciate each others’ hates. Likes and dislikes are not something decided to offend a certain person. Easy to understand, right?

You’d think so. But you will still get death threats for saying you don’t like a Lady Gaga album. This isn’t your fault. It is other people, who expect people to put up with their continuous love diatribes to a celebrity, but refuse to except that not everyone feels that way.

Acceptance is something I talk about a lot on here. Just because I think it is so importance. And I think that if I want my voice to be valued, I have to value the voice for others.