Fallen Heroes

Tune to the News channels, and you will probably find that some famous person has done something wrong. They disappoint their fans and followers, by doing something that destroys the image that they have built up. Which is not something exclusive to celebrities. Family members, friends or colleagues can also do something that changes your perception in them for the worse. And if that person is someone who inspires you, then it can also leave you questioning your values.

If someone has admirable qualities, should their less admirable achievements mask them? I am not sure. I think part of the problem is, that if you idolise a person, you put them on a pedestal. You hold them high, as you strive to follow their example, and get where you want to go in life. But when something ‘unsavoury’ comes to light, we change our entire perception of that person. It’s like they become a completely different person. But, it also effects us, as people. We see that our hero is flawed, and that person we strive to be like is not as perfect as we believed.

I guess, people should accept that nobody is perfect. We all have less favourable qualities and/or actions. It shouldn’t take away from our good qualities. Once we can recognise both the good and bad, in ourselves, we can appreciate the same in others. Success can be managed in so many different ways, and it is easy to hold people in high regard, if they are in a place you’d like to see your own life head. And whilst it is okay to be inspired by such people, don’t let them define who you are. You are your own person, and being that, you also have to be your own inspiration. You have to have the drive to continue on, without relying on idolising people to the point that we view them as a flawless. Everyone is flawed.

Be Your Own Hero

Change is hard.
But change happens.
Accepting change is difficult.
Enforcing change change can seem impossible.
But to be successful, a person needs to be able to change things. No matter what your status is in life, you will have some bad habits. Things that you do without thought. It may effect your life dramatically, it may just sit in the background of your life.

Sometimes, just to feel empowered and in control, you need to change something. Whether that is losing weight or going to college, change is good. I want to find control. I am not happy with my shape, so I am going to try and exercise more. I have spent the majority of my life beating myself up because of how I am shaped, and that is not a good place to be.

So I hope to change my mindset by getting fit. This will hopefully help me become more positive. And be the end of these selfish ramblings.

Or maybe not. 😉